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My First YouTube Uploaded

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I have been wanting to do this for a long while.
My first YouTube video was uploaded this morning.
It is not about wire jewelry though....don't be disappointed!...:D. That will come later......
Anyway, this video is about a ferry ride across Batang Samarahan or Samarahan River, nearby Kuching during one of our weekend outings last year.
OK, a bit of introduction on rivers in Sarawak.
Here in Sarawak, some rivers are named "Batang" something, something instead of the common "Sungai" for example Batang Rajang, Batang Sadong, etc. etc. Both Batang and Sungai mean "River".
However, it is generally understood (only in the State of Sarawak) when a river is named "Batang", it means this river is huge/and long.
Ok, do enjoy my first video and have a great Sunday.


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