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Do you want to Look Young Again With Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Yeah! I am one of those who has problem skin...not acne but pigmentation and age/sun spots.
Years of exposure to sun and not taking enough care of my skin is taking its toll.
I thought I can age gracefully but I do need a little help.
Looking for a solution now is a bit too late but better late than never, yeah?

I went to a beauty center that offers laser treatment few weeks back just to inquire about their treatment.
Didn't ask what's the type of laser treatment (just realized that there are few types - read on below) they are offering but I backed off immediately when the beauty consultant explained that its going to be a "bit" painful but not as painful as "giving birth".
Does she know how painful it is to "give birth!"? Duh!
She made me wonder. It must be pretty painful to compare the pain to childbirth. If she compared it to an ant's bite, I might be her new customer.

Anyway, I did some googling and reading on laser treatment after that.
There are options around but basically they are plastic surgery procedures and the latest technology is called laser skin resurfacing. Times have changed plastic surgery procedures for example skin resurfacing helps many patients eliminate wrinkles and have that young flawless look. There are various procedures used for skin resurfacing but most of these involve elimination of the upper layer of your skin which allows new skin to develop and fill in the wrinkles. Skins and dermabrasion accomplish this with a wire brush or a diamond wheel which peels of your skin. This process is painful and causes bleeding.

Laser skin resurfacing is more precise and it has shorter healing periods. New age lasers remedies are a lot gentler. Laser skin resurfacing is divided into two categories which are ablative and non-ablative.

Ablative skin resurfacing involves using laser to vaporize the layer of skin. The laser energy heats the tissue and causes it to vaporize. This process burns your skin away allowing a brand new layer of skin to grow. Ablative skin resurfacing techniques such as co2 laser and erbium can be used to treat acne, scars, warts and birth marks. These techniques were initially used extensively but patients now opt for a better laser skin treatment that does not burn the skin and has considerably less time to recover.

Non ablative skin resurfacing uses fractionated laser also called Fraxel and pixel. This procedure is much more precise and doesn't involve burning of the epidermis. It uses short pulses of sunshine that are absorbed into your skin and treats the dermal layer of the skin without removing the epidermal layer. Which means it treats the layer of skin underneath the upper layer leaving top of the layer of skin virtually undamaged, while ablative skin resurfacing removes both the layers.

Non ablative procedures done at laser skin resurfacing austin stimulates the collagen beneath your skin this helps reduce reoccurrence of wrinkles and provides the skin a glowing look once it has healed. Laser skin resurfacing along with breast augmentation austin can help you shed years of age and sun related damage done to your skin and assist you to look younger and delightful. You do not need to reside with acne all your life you can bid acne scars goodbye forever with laser skin resurfacing and obtain your skin you have always dreamed of living in.

Now, I got to check if its available here.


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