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NEW TUTORIAL - Sparkly 'O' Studs | Athena's Shield

Friday, April 17, 2009

Athena - Greek Goddess of Wisdom, of household arts and crafts, of spinning and weaving, of textiles. Inventor of the flute, the plough and the ox-yoke, the horse bridle and the chariot. Athena, goddess of war, guardian of Athens, the city named for her; defender of heroes, champion of justice and civil law (quoted from Elinor Stebbins - further reading here).

Following last night's post, the tutorial for this sparkly stud earrings is finally done and now listed in my etsy shop and in this blog.

This lesson teaches you how to make a pair of sparkly circlet stud earrings with tiny swirls at the sides.
The circlet measures about 1.5 cm in diameter (0.6in).
Crispy clear close-up pictures will guide you through step by step to complete the project.
Materials and tools used for one pair of earrings are detailed out in the tutorial.

Here are some more details on the tutorial:
* 15 pages printable PDF file
* 50 crisp and clear close-up pictures with instructions
* File size – 1.0MB

Happy wrapping and thank you for dropping by.



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