Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Silver- A Versatile Element (Guest Post)

Silver is a shining white beautiful metal and its name is originally derived from the Latin word “Argentium” which means money. Silver is a precious, and even though it is inferior in status compared to gold; silver is a metal with many versatile usages. Silver is good conductor of electricity with excellent thermal conductivity and commonly used in electroplating. Silver also have good ductility and malleability making it an effective lubricant, catalyst and alloy.

Silver has widespread applications since the early dawn of civilization. Records show that silver alloyed coins were used since prehistoric times of Peloponnese Greeks and Sumerians.  Romans and Carthage fought legendary battles over control of silver mines. Even to this date, American silver eagle and Canadian maple leaf used as an investment currency. Silver is also long used as an industrial metal. It has been used in photography before the arrival of digital photography.  Dentists use its alloy to make amalgams which are used to fill cavities in patients’ teeth. Various engineering and medical fields that involve generating radio frequency and very high frequency use silver due to its high electrical conductivity. Other applications of silver includes its use in making mirrors, flutes, use in nuclear reactors and is also used in medical sectors in its ionized form.

However, the most common use of silver is undoubtedly its use as jewelry. Silver Jewelry not only serves as accessory but with increasing value, it also can be considered as a sensible investment. So, if you are planning of buying it online, I suggest you must visit GoldenMine. It offers a wide range of silver jewelry like shining sterling silver chains, silver earrings, silver pendants to be worn with silver chains and many more jewelry items. The price is reasonable and the shipping facility is efficient and the order can be placed both by email and phone call.

By Smith Geroge
Smith Geroge is a freelance writer who enjoys the challenges of creativity, fond of art & jewelry. Not content writing strictly in the non-fiction arena, He is also researching on best travel services. He maintains a Facebook page to network with his friends and readers and blogs about the Travel and profession of writing at http://www.facebook.com/smith.geroge.5.


  1. Interesting post Mei...I very much enjoy learning new things!

    By the way...the second photo in my post is from 2007...more colourful, yes...but I've learned over the years basic black is the most popular "colour" for my customers, so I do that for the most part but I always like to add a bit of turquoise, and amethyst, which may people like. I've noticed this season people are gravitating to colours, so of course I'll do what I can! :~)

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  2. Yeap agree with you. In this line, we try to follow the trend of the moment :)


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