Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not Mine – Wishing They Are-LOL

Last weekend, hubby, me and William spent the weekend at Damai Lagoon Resort . The resort is located approximately 45 minutes drive from Kuching City. We are excited about the trip mainly becoz its William’s (he is not yet 4) first trip to the resort. He was very happy and enjoyed himself very much– playing in the pool and beach on the afternoon of the first day and then the next morning before heading home at noon.

One of the highlights of the stay was that I discovered a jewelry/antique shop at the ground floor of the resort. But to my disappointment, it was closed during our entire stay there. I only managed to take some shots of the jewelry on display from outside the shop (see above). Maybe i can visit again next time.....just to take a closer look at the pieces on display and sell....... The other interesting pieces are two framed Traditional Tree Bark Ethnic Costume hanged on the wall of our hotel room. The bark jackets are noted for its creative patchwork of shells, beadworks and embroidery. These replicas are an authentic costume of the Kenyah Tribes of Sarawak in the olden days. They are worn in most ceremonies and festival within the community.

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