Friday, December 08, 2006

Wires, Wires and More Wires

wire wrap earrings wire wrap earringsMore often than not, people that I know preferred jewelry with less wire (wire wrapped) and more beads/gemstones rather than more wires and less beads like the above earrings. Gemstones and Swarovski Crystal jewelries are very popular here in Kuching and Malaysia for that matter, but not wire jewelry.


  1. hi mei.. tabik sama you..really nice beb...impressing ..i just start doing wigjig still beginner ...normally, where u get all the wires?

  2. thank you my wire from local hardware store. how are u doing with wigjig? post some pictures of your pretties and let us see...happy wrapping...glad to hear from fellow Malaysian...are u from Malaysia, Kuching maybe?


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