Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Earring Stand

What a frustrating week and weekend. My broadband connection was down and still is until today so I can’t check my emails and do posting for the last few days. I am doing this now from the office….sigh! and I have to do it fast as its late.

Didn't manage to do a lot of inter netting for last few days due to work commitment. I will be on traveling to KL in the next few days to attend a very "stressful" meeting. My hair is already falling thinking about it. Maybe can tell u all about it later...or maybe not...depending on the outcome.

Well, weekend was busy as usual but I managed to do my first earring stand. Not that great but seems ok so far. I made this with a 19g wire.

wire earring stand

After that I decided to make a very bold color earring….bold for my taste, at least. Its made of dyed shell and black agate. wire earring stand


  1. I think your earring stand is a super design. You have inspired me to have a go. I would really like to make one that holds lots of earrings - all my earrings are bundled in a drawer of my jewellery box and I nearly always have to tip them out to find matching ones! I love wearing earrings and think it would be nice to display them. I especially like the way you have used the spirals as 'feet'.

  2. damn! :), i like this turquoise thing so much and still i cant do it.. :) :)
    i have tried it many times but still dont get the point how You do it. Mine wire has been... hmmm... just pice of monster

    would you send me an e-mail with pic or description about twisting this wire- where to you start it? please... i want to do this so much :)
    my e-mail: karnaaks@hot.ee


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