Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jewelry - Shades of Green

Herringbone weave bracelet with green agate and jadeA commissioned piece of bracelet about 7 in. in length. Dark green colored stone is agate while the lighter shade one is jade (lower grade). Method of wrapping is the herringbone weave. I used 22g wire for the wrap here. Took me about 2 hours to complete this one and at the same time chit chatting with a good friend of mine who is leaving this beautiful hometown of her to start a new job and "life" in a far away place (about 2 hrs plane ride from here...LOL---she asked me not to disclose where she is going)...well not so far..lah. This piece will always reminds me of her as she said she felt so stressed just watching me bending and twisting the wire....she'd rather cook. And while making this piece, she discovered how I make the jump rings....amazing and funny..... All the best to your future undertaking my dear friend............


  1. over and over i am looking Your beayty-things and i cant get enough of it.. they are so nice!! :)

  2. thank you Karnaaks.
    You made my day.
    Its holiday here in Kuching but i didnt manage to make anything yet and its almost 5pm already.


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