Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jewelry - TAW Malachite Bracelet

Wire Wrapped TAW Malachite BraceletWire Wrapped TAW Malachite Bracelet TAW - short for Twice Around the World. TAW is my most popular design so far. This time around somebody requested for one with Malachite. Getting the hang of it already and i finished this piece within 3 hours....Is that too long? .....maybe. But of course, in between I dropped mom-in-law to the have a massage (just round the corner), then accompanied the big boy (William) for his pm nap (just until he fall asleep). Then, still halfway making it - prepared milk for the little one (Henry) and even managed to have some snack myself (got very hungry making them....LOL). Now this is just giving you some ideas of all the works involved in finishing a piece of jewelry for me....

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