Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A peek into my Wire Jewelry Tools & Workstation

Wire Jewelry Tools & WorkstationWire Jewelry Tools & WorkstationWire Jewelry Tools & WorkstationIf i remember correctly, i started wire jewelry sometime in April last year. So, i can say that i am into my second year this month. Been buying lots of tools and beads/stones since then. Some good and some not so good. Also sold some of my pretties along the way. Being a hobby, i do not have a proper work bench/table/corner. So, i am going to let u have a peek at how i keep my tools, etc. etc. In fact, most of my tools and beads (but of course there are some more beads/stones hidden in another box) are packed into this box here (Toyogo box...hehe) measuring about 1.5ft in length and 10 in in height and width. I put this box next to the bed every night, and on weekend or holidays or whenever i feel like making some pretties, I take it downstairs. My regular workstation is a roundtable just behind the counter that divides the main living room from the smaller living room. Didn't hv any picture to show this. Nx time maybe.... The box is getting fuller each day and its difficult to reach items right at the bottom of the box as i need to take everything out first. So, next task is to reorganize the content of the box...... Happy wrapping.

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