Thursday, June 28, 2007

River Rocks that I Found

River Rocks that I FoundThese rocks were collected from a river located outskirt of Kuching City - about an hour drive from Kuching to be exact. I wonder if they could be used for my wire wrap jewelry. In the water and while they are wet, the colors are beautiful especially the biggest one at far right of picture two. Guess I would only find out tomorrow morning as I am dead tired at the moment from our jungle trekking trip (walked for about 2 hours, to and fro) turned into swimming trip, this afternoon. We were actually out jungle trekking at Bengoh, the starting point to four villages upriver that can only be reached on foot. The nearest village is about 3 to 4 hours walk, or maybe longer for city folks who are not used to walking in the jungle. Our aim was not to reach any of these villages but searching for a nice spot for picnicking by the crystal clear river. Unfortunately, we didn't find any opening that can lead us down to the river as the slopes are just too steep and covered with vegetation. We turned back after about an hour walk and decided to head on to another picnic spot further away (still with crystal clear water-see picture below), where I found these rocks.clear water stream at Padawan junglerocks in the clear water stream at Padawan

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