Monday, July 09, 2007

Fish tooth for Wire Jewelry

Have you ever seen this fish before? Look at the teeth. I think those teeth will make very nice beads for a bracelet! Oh well ... a bit yucky though! This is what they call Parrot fish. Hubby went out fishing last weekend but he didn't catch this one. This was given to him by the boatman who caught it. It weight about 3.5kg. So the teeth are just the right size for a pair unique earring...:-) According to Wikipedia, Parrot fishes are named for their oral dentition; their numerous teeth are arranged in a tightly packed mosaic on the external surface of the jaw bones, forming a parrot-like beak which is used to rasp algae from coral and other rocky substrates. Other article on Parrot fish is also available at National Geographic.

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  1. Fish Teeth? interesting. Is your parrot fish alive? I hope you're not gonna kill it for the teeth.. just use pliers and pull out! Haha! Just kidding.


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