Thursday, July 26, 2007

Talking about Dream

I just mentioned about my dream and this is what I came across at home furniture - storage beds. This platform bookcase bed comes with plenty of storage, dresser, mirror and night stand package. Plenty of additional storage space within the bed frame is unique and I can imagine how useful it is for my wire jewelry tools, beads and pretties. The bed is of quality hardware, solid wood and classic oak finish. Talking about dying surrounded by beads (my previous post), this set will be very suitable for all my beads, cabs, gemstones as well as my wire jewelry work. This is much! much! better than the old building in my dream!

The first thing I notice about Furniture From Home is its neatness, clean looking and navigational friendly site. The pages download time is quite fast for a site with lot of pictures. It is very easy to look around and find pieces your are interested in. The main menu is categorized into Bedroom Sets, Living Room Sets, Dining Room Sets, Home Office Furniture, Leather Furniture, virtually every furniture you need for your home is available at Furniture From Home. If that is not easy enough, the site also offers searches based on room, style and color categories. From the Home Office Furniture, my favorite is the Rustic Black Traditional Home Office Desk. This set will be very suitable for my work as well as hobby or jewelry work. It can function as a two in one set - for work and for hobby. An their Living Room Furniture, there are more than 100 sets. Its hard to make up your mind with these many choices. Pricing is a bit on the high side but it goes hand in hand with quality. There are also many items on sale with discount up to 50% on certain pieces such as the Queen Storage Bed I mentioned earlier. The furniture tips at the bottom right hand side of the page is very useful especially if you are planning to buy from Furniture From Home or you just want to find practical and cost saving ways to take care of your furniture.

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