Thursday, September 13, 2007

Iza Malczyk - Jeweler

It is not important if you do not know how to pronounce her name as when you see her work of art, you will say WOW! She made very intricate and awesome wire wrap jewelry pieces. Wish I have just a bit of her talent. Wouldn't you? Here is her site - Wonder if she has attended any wire jewelry class or she self learned.


  1. Thank you, Mei :)

    My name is pronounced like 'eeza' and I'm self-taught.

    Best wishes!

  2. Hi Iza! Thanks for visiting.
    Your work are beautiful.
    I wonder how you found out or check I posted a link to your site?

  3. Hi Mei,
    My website contains software which provides a list of sites refering to my site - that's how I knew you wrote about me :)

  4. I C! Excuse my lack of knowledge about computer softwares. Sometimes I just feel so stupid asking this type of question. Better stick to wire wrapping jewelry.

  5. Hi! I'm a huge fan of this genius wire artist Iza Malczyk and all her work. Kudos for including her here!

  6. Hello Anna, yeah I am a fan of her and her work are inspirational. Love and admire her work very much.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hi Iza,
    I came to know about you from the interview in Eni Oken's site. I went to visit your etsy store. WOW!
    What an artist you are! I am very tempted to try out your tutorial. for the bead cap but I am not sure if I am there yet.

    You inspire me so much. Thank you so much Iza, Wish you all the very best. May you get all the time you need to create those beautiful jewelry and may the muse do not forget to visit you. Dita.


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