Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who says its Hard to "Wear" Earrings

Stainless steel washers earringsStainless steel washers earringsToday's earrings are made of washers (including spring washers). These washers have been sitting in my box for many many months. Took them months back and started something (bracelet actually) but I don't like the result so I dismantle it. The spring washer is another story. It is just so hard that I gave up bending the gap open that first time. Somehow, I managed to pry them open today and just went ahead to make this two sets of earrings. Used up all my strength that my hands are sore....LOL. This is really "hard work". But, I will making more of them. Now that the spring washers have been conquered, it should be easier.Stainless steel washers earringsStainless steel washers earrings

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