Thursday, October 04, 2007

Failed Pendant Project

Failed Pendant ProjectFailed Pendant ProjectFailed Pendant ProjectI failed miserably in this project. This is supposed to be the weave bezel by DancingFeather in the Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine Summer Preview 2007. Wasted the whole afternoon weaving and the result is a distorted looking pendant. I used 25g for the weaving and I think the wire is just too hard for this kind of weaving. Shall try finer wire next round. That is the problem with stainless steel wire, the soft is not as "soft" as in other wire.


  1. Mei - is there a hardware store near you or an electrical contractor? Check the info in the files on WWJ - there is a file which tells you which type of electical (copper) wire contains (under the black plastic coating) the gauge you need - it seems to me there is a 28 and 30 gauge and copper is so much easier on your hands. Use the Stainless frame with a copper weave - a TwoTone pendant!


  2. I shall check that out. There are lots of hardware stores here. The problem with copper wire is they tarnish easily. Main reason why I seldom use them. But, TwoTone pendant? This is very tempting. Thanks for the idea Robyn. Know what? my hand was throbbing whole night last night - from the weaving...duh, this addiction!

  3. Mei,

    I don't think that this is a failed atttempt. Granted it is not perfect but it has character. I would wear it. You did a great job in my opinion.

  4. We are our worst critique Candice. Because we know what is a perfect weave, something that is not well done is a failure :) It is not that suitable to wear as it is a bit loss. I can't make the weave hold the cab tightly.


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