Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hubby's Wire Creations

spreadersspreadersMost of the time I only show wire wrap pieces done by myself in my entries. How selfish! Sell Fish? Anyway, in this entry, I am going to show some of the wire wrapping works done by none other than.....hubby! Most of the time I am engrossed in my own wire jewelry world that I forgot hubby does some remarkable wire wrapping pieces as well - although a bit different from my interest but never the less skill is required. He has been doing this many many years before we even got married and that is long before I discover wire jewelry. spreadersPictures here are some of the spreaders he made for himself. They are for one of his hobbies - fishing. Most of them are made of 16g or bigger "hard" stainless steel wire. When I say "hard" it is really hard. I have tried bending smaller wire but gave up halfway as they are just to hard on my hand. If I managed one, there will be no strength left for the second one. On the other hand, he finds it hard to bend or work with the finer and softer stainless steel wire that I work with. His excuse - his hands are too big for the tools/pliers that I use. Maybe yes, maybe no.....LOL. spreadersspreaders

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