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Parting Gift for a Friend

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A friend will be leaving soon for greener pasture in the land of opportunities (shh! can't tell where or who yet as requested). Not to worry but this set is my parting gift for her. I made the pearl and washer earring few weeks back and she has been eyeing (spelling?) it from day one....hehe! Jangan marah (*don't be angry*). That was before she tell me that she is leaving.
After she told me, immediately I thought of a parting gift (well! almost immediately) and what a nice one since she like it so much. Then I thought to myself, a pair of earring is just not enough so made the pendant to complement the earring.
So, here is all the best wishes to all your future undertakings.
Enjoy yourself and don't forget to advertise my wire jewelry to your new friends......hahaha!....


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