Friday, November 23, 2007

Spoons, Forks, Rocks and Wire

Combine all four and what will you get? Some very interesting stuff I must say. I stumbled upon Dr. Gus's (he is only 19!) site and I was mesmerized with all the stuff he makes especially the spoon and fork collection. Check them out at Doctor Gus and I am sure you would be inspired too. I am looking at spoons and forks differently now. Soon our house will be running out of them.....hahaha...Opp! we will have to eat with our fingers.....


  1. Spoon and for jewellery are very common in New Zealand craft markets. Generally only men working on them because they're quite tough, probably need to be heated for bending but I could be wrong.

    I have a very nice fork bangle, similar to the fork bracelet's on Dr Gus's site :) Maybe I'll take a photo of it for you sometime :)

  2. Maybe I can try the small spoons and forks...hehe! and yes pls! Show me picture of your fork bracelet.


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