Monday, December 10, 2007

Last Weekend Projects

Wire wrapped Rosary with AmethystWire wrapped Rosary with AmethystAge is really catching up with me. Only realized it last weekend and today. The aftermath of a badminton game. I took part in a competition last weekend and now my whole body is aching. What makes it worse is that I only played one set!. Duh! duh! If I was to play more sets, I am quite sure I will be bedridden.......What should I do now? Play and train more, that is the only way to keep fit and ever ready for competition. Not that I am very keen with competition nowadays. Actually I don't like to take part in them anymore especially at this age but sometimes its hard to say no when requested by someone like my FATHER.....Anyway, I just need to convince him that I am not as fit as when I was a teenager or in my earlier 20's. I guess in our parents eyes, we are always young (hehe!). That aside, I performed better in wire jewelry...LOL. I managed to finished the amethyst rosary started last Friday. Just in time for Xmas. Made another two pairs of tiger eyes earrings as well.Wire wrapped tiger eye earringsWire wrapped tiger eye earrings


  1. I acutally get sore from shopping, so I either need to start exercising or shopping more...decisions...I think I know which one it will be.
    I love the rosary and also the earrings. Tiger eye is one of my favorites, in fact I have some, but I wonder what I'm saving them for?

  2. Getting old and unfit isn't much fun is it? I do not look forward to aging... speeding my way towards unfitness! Need more exercise!

  3. Yep! More exercise. I don't mind getting my exercise from shopping though...hee..hee.


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