Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some Earrings for Xmas

Believe me I tried to make as much pretties as I could today (still on leave) but the boys just don't let me. If I am around the house, they only want me to bath them, put on their clothes, pass them their bottles, feed them, etc! etc! Headache! headache! Wonder if other mom faces the same situations? So, I only managed these three pairs of earrings today. My favorite are the two wire wrapped heart earrings. One set is larger than the other. The small one is rather cute looking. The other two pairs (far right) were made with the coming Christmas in mind - Green and Red is the color of Xmas, right? I would like to make a pair of small Xmas tree earring. Mmmmm!....looks like I am working late tonight. I think I better get started now. Will show the results tomorrow. wire wrapped heart earringswire wrapped heart earrings two wire wrapped Christmas earrings

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