Saturday, January 05, 2008

Resconstructed Pendants

These two pendants, one rutilated donut quartz and one clear quartz have been hanging on my neck for a few months now. Before this evening, they were hanging from two separate chains and these two chains kept getting tangled up. I solved this problem by combining the two pendants into one. The donut wrap on the rutilated quartz is based on a technique used by Iza (ya! Iza again....I am her no. 1 fan....:D), but I added the two small beads on top of the donut pendant so that it doesn't look too bare. Oh! before you go heading to her site for the tutorial, there is none. In fact, I am not sure how she wrapped her piece but the result looks similar......:). Thanks Iza....for your inspirations. wire wrapped rutilated donut pendant with clear quartz wire wrapped rutilated donut pendant with clear quartz


  1. Lovely work... your crafts are getting better each time i visit your site! Looking forward to seeing more of your excellent artwork!

    and omg I'm so obsessed with looking at all the stuff at Iza's site too now! *drooling* How I wish I had them all!!


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