Monday, February 04, 2008

Three New Bracelets

I did it! I finally finished these three commissioned pieces last night. Sent them out this morning and I just hope they will reach their destination by Wednesday the latest. The purple themed bracelets is made up of amethyst, swarovski crystal, pearl and glass bead. The red themed bracelet is made up of fire polished beads, blue flash rainbow Moonstone heishi, swarovski crystal, tourmaline, pearl and glass bead. The turquoise bracelet made up of turquoise, pearl, swarovski crystal and a big red crystal as the centerpiece. All of them measures about 7 in in length. I just hope they fit their new owners.Wire wrapped bracelet - red themedWire wrapped bracelet - blue themedWire wrapped bracelet - purple themed I have been wanting to make myself something for the Chinese New Year but have not been able to yet. Will make do with old pretties....:) To all readers of my blog out there, I wish you a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year! Kong Xi Fatt Chai!Wire wrapped bracelet claspclose up Wire wrapped bracelet - purple themedWire wrapped bracelet - red themed


  1. Oh Mei, these are gorgeous! I love the colours in them, so very New Year and bright...(I discovered Orbital Balls a few days ago after buying a metric ton of wires, hammers, chasing block, and two books on wirework. They are SUCH FUN to make! My wirewrapping skills though, really need work. REALLY NEED WORK. Failed ring!) I get inspired every time I look at all the work you do.

    Gong xi gong xi to you and your family!


  2. Thanks Shuku. I was afraid they are not CNY enough. Phew!
    Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you and your family too.

  3. hi~i like your blog, it was cool and nice, keep the work up and i will come back soon to check what new

  4. Thanks genesisceo. Visit more often, you may find something interesting here. Who knows. See you around.

  5. The bracelets are lovely! I hope the new owners like them! I especially like how you've done the little pearl clusters around the red center piece of the turquoise bracelet :)


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