Saturday, March 08, 2008

My First Tutorial at Etsy - Sparkly Crystal Ring

Announcement! I made it. My first Tutorial for sale online at my Etsy Shop.

Well, it's not easy to prepare a tutorial but I finally did it. Today, I put up my first tutorial for sale at my etsy shop - This tutorial is prepared with the beginners and intermediate in wire wrapping in mind. Once you understand the basic technique, you can try various combinations of materials and beads/gemstones or crystals. It will open up your mind to more creative ring designs and you may even create more complicated and interesting rings. Follow me through the easy steps in creating this elegant and fun wire wrap sparkly ring. It is priced at USD6.00 only.


  1. Good luck Mei, I am sure this is one longggggggg waited tutorial for many people! :D

  2. Thanks Corra! ;) yeah this is one long wait, but without you it would have not materialized.
    Keep it up.


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