Friday, April 04, 2008

Stuck here in a Hotel Room

Where would I rather be at this moment? Home! in Kuching but I am stuck here in a hotel room in Bintulu. Flight back to Kuching this afternoon was full and me and a colleague have been on waiting list for two days. Why do they only have one flight to Kuching in the evening? Blame it on MAS and AirAsia. Well, I was in Mukah again yesterday and this morning - work. Last month I was here as well but this time around we took a direct flight from Kuching to Mukah, on a Twin Otter! Yes, been a while since I last took a flight with Twin Otter. My colleague, Sam was excited with the whole thing but I don't dare to ask him what he thinks about the plane as I am afraid I wouldn't want to take another trip with that plane next time around - if i hear what he has to say :) Take a look a the pix taken. What do you think? Anyway, I am sure I have a few more trips to make to Mukah in the next few months..... inside the twin otter to Mukah

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  1. Mei! Thanks for the comment on the pendant! Yes, I love the colour of those shells; maybe one day I'll figure out how to display them more effectively.

    That plane? Looks scary. I used to be sick over and over in such tiny planes...I don't know how your colleague can be so happy about it!



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