Saturday, May 03, 2008

Garnet Cross and Others

Just showing what I made today. The cross is a commissioned piece. I used garnet of different sizes and shape for this cross. Hope the new owner likes it. wire wrapped cross with garnet wire wrapped cross with garnet
wire wrapped dangle earrings with garnetVery fruitful earrings Got to go as the boy is making lot of noises already. Asking me not to be too long on the computer. Duh!


  1. The new owner is sure to like this cross - it's very good.

  2. Thanks Pearl. So far I have not heard from her yet :) but maybe she has not seen it yet as I have not inform her :)

  3. I am working on a design for prayer beads. I use a combination of glass beads and old chandelier pieces. I am looking for a "special" cross. How much do you sell the cross?

  4. Hi dmgo4th, how can I contact you by email?


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