Thursday, May 22, 2008

Herringbone Weave Ring - Tiger's Eyes

This is a commissioned piece. The technique used here is the Herringbone Weave, made popular by Eni Oken. She has a free tutorial on this weave at her site.
close up of the Herringbone Weave tiger eye ring


  1. i luv2 heringbone technic,,very versitile technic,i like this ring,many time i try to have my heringbone ring but always fail u have tip to make it really nice like this one..i just post mt dragonfly heringbone necklace feel free to visit my site ya..than mei

  2. Thank you Yati. You are doing great with your herringbone weave as seen in your new dragonfly. No special tip actually. I actually follow Eni's tutorial. While wrapping, I just make sure that the wrap is tight and neat before I wrap around the shank.

  3. Hi Mei,
    Couldn't find the herringbone weave on Eni Onken's site. Could you post a link? Thanks.

  4. Here is the link Anonymous -

  5. Hi Mei, can you make a tutorial for prong ring? i like it very much, but how do you make? thank you, you can write me too in email adress And a question do you make herringbone or shank? I tried but ist difficult!!!

    thank you

  6. Hi Lunita! there are available tutorials on prong ring. I will have to search for it first and email you later. The herringbone is on the ring shank. I hope this answer your question. By the time you get my free tutorial, it should be easy :)


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