Monday, May 12, 2008

Woven Wave ByPass Ring - Onyx

I really enjoyed myself making this ring based on Louise's Tutorial on Woven ByPass Ring. I was a bit nervous when it comes to weaving as I failed miserably in the past especially when it involves lots of weaving. Look at this failed project - Failed Pendant But then when I was weaving this ring, it was not as difficult as back then. I guess it must be the size of wire I used for weaving. I used 28g whereas for my previous project, I used 25g. Stainless steel wires of 20g formed the shank of this ring. Very happy with the outcome and I really love it. Woven ByPass Ring Woven ByPass Ring around my finger Woven ByPass Ring around my finger Woven ByPass RingHappy with the outcome, I give it another try with copper wire and this time it is even easier to weave. The copper wire is "soooooooo" soft. How I wish stainless steel wires are as soft as that. :)


  1. OMG!the black onyx ring is superb!!
    Can make one for me? :)

  2. You were on my mind when I was making this ring...:) I know you will love it.
    And sure I can make one for you.
    Patricia is coming tonight and I am showing it off to her...I thinks its her style too....:)


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