Monday, June 09, 2008

Done! Tulip Brooch

This brooch took the longest time to make. The frame for this brooch was shown in my previous post here, picture right at the bottom. This is a custom made piece. The design for this piece was sketched by the customer so most of the time was spent figuring out how to wire wrap the design so that they flow and it does not look like a bunch of wire wrapped together.
wire wrapped tulip broochFor the petals and stem, I used 20ga wire while the wrapping is with 28ga stainless steel wire. As for the pin, I used 20ga hard stainless steel wire. The "springy" wire makes it more suitable as pin but it is really tough to bend it.
wire wrapped tulip brooch wire wrapped tulip broochWrapped the five petals with 4mm swarovski crystal near the top to hold the focal beads in place. wire wrapped tulip broochThis Brooch measures about 5 cm from top to bottom.


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