Monday, June 23, 2008

Stones from Hong Kong

Yippi! So happy today as I got these goodies in my mail. They are from my sister. She got them during her recent trip to Hong Kong.
Garnet - flower shaped and roundGarnet - flower shaped and round.
labradorite and jasperNot sure about the light blue stone but the other two are labradorite and jasper
Coin pearl and pearlPearls, I love pearls especially the coin pearls
Cat's EyesCat's Eyes - all perfectly rounded.


  1. What beautiful beads! The beads on the left in the second pic could be Botswana Agate--I have some that looks like that. The jasper on the right is what I call landscape jasper. It's one of the stones that men seem to be attracted to!

  2. i like that red flower bead..lovely color and shape..

  3. Leslie, glad you enlightened me on the light blue stone. Been wondering about it.


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