Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why so quite?

Its been a about a week since I last posted. I have been busy - went for a trip last weekend and will be off again tomorrow for a meeting in KL. Maybe I will be back with lots of bullet holes :) For those who knows what kind of meeting I am attending, you will smile :D What to do? Part of my work.

I am missing my wires and gems terribly liao! Can't wait for weekend :)

Anyway, grandpa is not feeling well lately. Sometimes he seems to be hallucinating, dreamy (he sleeps whole day anyway), mumbling things like his friends (deceased) came to see him. Lots of them and and they are all very happy. He will be 95 very soon.


  1. Mei, I'm sorry your grandpa is not well. I hope he is better soon. I, too, haven't had much time for creating. We'll be able to again!

  2. Thanks Janine. He is better already since the last two days. Managed to make a bracelet - Tucuman Braid last night. Shall post the pics soon :)

  3. hey how is ah kong doing? i hope all is well back home. do send my regards to the rest of the family.

  4. Hi MeiMei, Ah Kong is a lot better today. Tomorrow evening Ona Ee will be arriving from Singapore. She just arrived Sing fm Switzerland this pm.


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