Saturday, October 25, 2008

Love Purple - Woven Amethyst Pendant

This woven pendant looks better in real than these pictures here. The pictures didn't show the real color of this faceted amethyst. A commissioned piece, I was given the free hands to design the wire wrapping. Since I love weaving, I decided to do just that :) Measurement: 2 cm width x 5cm long. wire woven faceted amethyst pendantwire woven faceted amethyst pendantwire woven faceted amethyst pendant wire woven faceted amethyst pendantside view of wire woven faceted amethyst pendant


  1. I love the way it has two looks, one on each side. It's wonderful!

  2. Miss Mei...Your talent for wirework is so wonderful. I especially enjoy your work because of the stainless steel wire. It's hard to believe that it can look so elegant. Thank you for showing all of your treasures to the world. I enjoy seeing the items which can be worn on both sides, like this one.

  3. Thanks very much Michelle. I think stainless steel wire is wonderful although it is cheaper than sterling silver or gold filled and a bit harder. Once manipulated, it looks as beautiful with beads and gemstones :) I hope to see more people using this wire in jewelry.

  4. You're wire weaving is outstanding. I really like that both sides a different.
    I don't think I've tried stainless steel, unless that's what craft wire is. I like copper wire, especially the varnished that I can recycle from motors. Mostly sterling.


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