Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pink, Purple and White Themed Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Today was not productive at all in terms of wire jewelry time but got few things done around the house. Took mom-in-law (MIL) to the recycle center to sell her aluminium cans as well as old newspapers, then off to the hairdresser to get her hair done for the wedding lunch. 
Spent about two hours on this bracelet this afternoon which was half done since few days ago then off to buy some wires, fish and birthday cake for MIL.  Yeah! Its her birthday today. We didn't celebrate as she was invited for her friend's birthday dinner tonight (yeah! they have the same birthday!), so we all stayed home and waited for her to come cut the birthday cake of course....oh well! the boys were crazy about it.
Pink, Purple and White Themed Wire Wrapped BraceletPink, Purple and White Themed Wire Wrapped Bracelet
Anyway, I started a new piece this evening - a Twice Around the World bracelet (custom order). It is halfway done and hopefully I can do more tomorrow. Have a nice weekend then!

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  1. oh it was ah mak's birthday? hehe owh i miss the boys and all of u back home! but i will be going home really soon! a little bit more than a month or so to go! so looking forward to it! =)


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