Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Tutorial - Caged Herringbone Weaved Bead. FREE Two Tone HBW Ring Tutorial With Purchase

My 4th Tutorial is now available at my etsy shop - wirebliss.etsy.com. This tutorial is for beginners in wire jewelry. Details of the tutorial are down here.

This tutorial teaches you one of the variations of the herringbone weave technique - a caged bead with a modified herringbone weave technique. When done, you may use this bead as part of your bracelet, necklace, anklet, etc, component.

Material and Tools:
5 cm (2 in) 20ga wire
45 cm (18 in) 24ga wire
1 round bead/stone, 8mm

Tools - Bend nose pliers, round nose pliers and wire cutters.

Content of PDF Tutorial:
PDF format (Printable)
13 pages (including cover page)
27 crisp and clear close-up pictures with instructions.
File size - 2.2MB

When you purchase this tutorial, I also include a
FREE TUTORIAL on how to create a Two Tone Herringbone Weave Ring.

This tutorial was created by me during my first few months into the world of wire jewelry. It was shared for free in my blog for a while but has since been taken out from there.

I am sharing it again here as a gesture of appreciation, especially for those who has not downloaded it before.

Where to Purchase:
http://wirebliss.etsy.com - my etsy shop or

press this button:

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