Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year Plan- What Are Yours?

Another 2 days to go, and 2009 will be here. What are your plans for the New Year? Party, parties and parties? If you are like me, I prefer to stay home and have a quite night and probably watch the countdown on tv. Been doing that for many many years now. I am a homebody...hehe!

As for New Year resolutions, I think I will have a few for 2009.
First and foremost is I NEED TO GET ORGANIZE. 2008 been a busy year for me. The whole year I have been trying to keep up with work (which involve lots of traveling) and my wire jewelry hobby. In the process, everything seems to be all over the place - *hmmm! I like my things to be in their proper place and neat* but there are things left undone or halfway done, files saved in temporary folders, pictures all over the desktop, new wire wrap techniques to learn and explore, long list of documents waiting to be read, books bought but haven't got the time to read, movies to watch, etc., etc. I can't even think straight or get them all down here. I REALLY NEED TO GET ORGANIZE. Maybe then I will be more focus.

So, what will you be doing this New Year and what are your New Year's Resolution?


  1. I am a home body myself so that is where we will ring in the new year. I so need to get organized too. I am trying to set up my beading area away from the main traffic but it takes forever as only so much gets done and the chores of everyday life get in the way.
    Here is wishing you a more focused, organized and very happy new year.

  2. I'm staying home too. Gonna watch the fireworks in the TV I got for Hanukkah. As for resolutions, I have not even thought about making but I make resolutions all the time. Like, I'm getting this craft room organized. LOL sure. Maybe I need smaller resolutions, like, I'll put this laundry away this week.


I like to hear what you have in mind. Thank you for your time.