Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pearls are still the Favorite

Good old pearls. They are still the favorite among my customers. Here are few pairs wire wrap earrings completed today. Two pairs of simple stud earrings and a pair of angelic pearl earrings. few pairs wire wrap pearl earrings A pair of wire wrap pearl earrings


  1. That is funny, because while I love working with pearls, no one seems to be buying them here is the States (at least from me!). My customers prefer brown stones and crystal this year, and my hammered silver sells well, too.

  2. That set of earrings is simple and intricate at the same time. Interesting piece.

  3. PastelGuy, I guess it depends one who is buying them. My customers who loves pearl earrings (simple and easy to match) are ladies in their 20s and 30s. They prefer something they can put on everyday to work and play but still look elegant :) Older women would go for bracelet or necklace.


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