Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Samsara Mandala - A nod to Erin

Samsara Mandala with multi color crystals - A nod to ErinThere are many wire jewelry artists that I admire and one of them is Erin of EarringsbyErin. Erin create beautiful wire wrap jewelry based on New Zealand Maori art and carvings as well as its flora and fauna. I love her clean and symmetrical creations. Thank God she now shares her wire wrapping skill/technique by publishing tutorials as well. I recently purchased her Moana Hoop Earring Tutorial but yet to try it out. Sooooon...... New Year "to do list" :) A customer of mine is attracted to her Samsara Mandala pendant when I showed her Erin's creations. She requested that I create something similar. I didn't promise her but said will try as I have yet to try out her tutorial. This pendant looks simple but took the longest time for me - almost two days. The longest time was spent for measuring all the separate pieces that formed the pendant. Then the wire wrapping which need to be done carefully so that all the separate pieces are spaced out evenly and the shape stays. At closeup, the pendant looks like a starfish. This pendant measures 5.5cm in diameter and created with 20ga and 28ga wires. Samsara Mandala with multi color crystals - A nod to Erin close up of the Samsara Mandala with multi color crystals - A nod to ErinThank you Erin for the inspirations.


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