Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wire Wrapped Black Rose

I am falling in love with this black steel wire. Tonight I made another Wire Wrapped Rose Ring with it. This is a 19ga wire. I am quite sure the ring would look better with thicker wire but 19ga is the thickest I have for now. A rose pendant is on the way :) The low cost tutorial on how to make this ring is available in my Etsy Shop - Rose! Rose! I Love You or here (check out the list on the far right sidebar), if you are interested. black steel wire rose ring black steel wire rose ring


  1. I made rings like these for my girls, they love them... and they are addictive to make lol...
    They do look great in thicker wire have you tried using really fine wire? The one's I did for my daughters were with 0.4mm (i dont know what gauge that is) and I made the rose quite big too, the finer wire gives it a more delicate look too.

  2. Wow! 0.4 is 26ga based on the gauge calculator I have on my sidebar here. Haven't tried them with 26ga yet but will do that tonight and see how it turn out.
    Thanks for sharing Lou.

  3. This is beautiful. I haven't tried it yet, new car shopping, promoting and tax time.

    But, I hope to soon.

    I like your blog and shop.

    Linda B.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Linda. Wish I can go new car shopping like you :)

  5. What a great design! I agree - the black wire is gorgeous. It really makes a statement that regular old silver just can't do.

  6. Nice work Mei! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! So cool! Keep on creating!

  7. Mei, the new rings look great! I see what you mean about your black wire looking different. I do have one coil of 19 ga. black steel wire that looks like this, very black. All the rest is black annealed steel wire and is not so black.

  8. These look great ! Thanks ! Dee


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