Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finally Its Here!

:D Waited two weeks for this and today it finally arrived. Funny but on the way home from work I got the feeling that its here....sixth sense? Hmm....
Been looking for this cup bur for a long time. Asked my sister in-law in Calgary to look for it but she couldn't find it.
Definitely can't find in Malaysia. Almost gave up when I came upon tooltime at etsy last two weeks and found what I have been looking for all this while. The rest is just smooth sailing.
If you are wondering what the heck is this for, the cup bur is to effectively de-bur the end of a wire after it has been cut! I have not experimented with it yet so I wouldn't know how good it is compared to a normal file. But I really hope that it is better :)


  1. I love my cup bur because I don't seem to file very well!

  2. I bought one from Singapore

    I think this item is good for making earwires and studs! =) I bought a new hand soldering torch as well... cant wait to start soldering! =P

  3. Mei, how is the cup bur? Handy tools worth for the money?

  4. Hi Steve, I still need to get use to it. Seems like the normal file is working better for me :( Maybe I didn't do it right enough or didn't file long enough.

  5. Need to get one of those. I hate filing wires ends. -_-


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