Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wire Woven Raw Stone Pendant

I am not sure what to name this stone so I just name it raw stone. Reason being it is one very ordinary river stone - I believe it is a river stone as I have seen similar stone in river that we frequented. It is not shiny but smooth, probably from years of tumbling by nature. I didn't collect this but purchased it. Don't know why but I was attracted to this stone the moment I set eyes on it. Love at first sight?
The wire wrapping - another inspiration from Lisa Barth.


  1. Mei,

    This looks so cool but it looks hard to do, is it?


  2. the weaving part is not but the finishing part where you need to tuck in all the wire ends and making the bail is a bit tricky though.

  3. Mei, this pendant is beautiful! Natural look! I love it.
    BTW, check out my blog as I left you an award. Hope you like it.


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