Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wire Wrapped Cross - Cherry Quartz

Been wanting to post this wire wrapped cross since last night but just manage to find some time to do it now. The two boys are taking their nap and its raining outside. So, its cool and quite. This is a commissioned piece. The frame is 18ga wire while stones are made up of Cherry Quartz, garnet and amethyst as the center piece. All wrapped with 28ga wire. I made something similar last year. I actually forgotten how I made it! Yeah! it happens. Wire Wrapped Cross - Cherry Quartz WireBlissMei


  1. That is beautiful!
    My son likes to take the stuff apart too. I don't think any of the toys that require batteries have the back on them that keeps the batteries in place!

  2. Mei, this is a stunning piece! Your customer will be very happy with that cross.

  3. Shimmerblue, LOL...same here. Our tv remote control doesn't look like a remote control at all. Its so broken that its surrounded by masking tape.

    Thanks Kokopelli, I hope she like it too..:)


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