Sunday, April 05, 2009

This is a Montrance/Monstrance - with Rays

I worked out how to create the rays out of wire and here is my second Montrance/Monstrance with rays emanating from the center. Enjoy and let me know what you think of this piece. Appreciate your visit. Wire wrapped Montrance with crystal focal Holding the Wire wrapped Montrance with crystal focal Wire wrapped Montrance with crystal focal Close up of the focal crystal - Wire wrapped Montrance with crystal focalWireBlissMei


  1. Mei this is gorgeous! I really love the clever way you worked out the rays - I think your friend's sister is going to love it. :)


  2. Wow Mei, this is so stunning, please make a tutorial, this is so pretty. I love it too much!!

  3. amazing cross ... it's so beautiful! and I like those changes you've made here ... it's easier for me to read with white background, so thank you! :o)

  4. Bell | Thanks, been a while.
    Poranna | You are welcome and I like this template too.

  5. This so lovely. I so enjoy seeing what new creation that stretchs your talent even further will be. WOW :)


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