Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Pliers, Cutters, "Tea Ring" & Turquoise Bracelets

I am back, kind of! Was away for a very short period, then there was the on and off internet connection, then busy with work and started a new blog which have been put off for a while - So for those of you who are Orchids enthusiast, check out our (me and hubby) blog on orchids - wild / species orchids.
Here are my new purchase - can't resist. Flat nose pliers and a straight full flash side cutter.
Flat nose pliers and a straight full flash side cutter. Very Smooth!
close up of Flat nose pliers and a straight full flash side cutterGot myself a silver ring with my name attached to the top too. Known as "Tea Ring" as narrated by the maker. Some people call it Snake Ring. However mine don't look like snake as my name (MEI) is attached to the top. So what is the story with "Tea Ring"? Simply, get your friends to reassemble this ring while you are having tea. If they can't do it, they pay for your drinks. That's it. I haven't tried it out yet. Soon....when I need some free drinks...:D Anyone of you own or ever come across this type of ring? I first heard of this when I was at my parents place last 2 weeks and just gotta make one. The man who makes them happened to live close by so I didn't waste my time. Well, actually I have another intention, to find out if I can make one with wire...hehe...
Silver Tea Ring The four rings are linked.
The four rings are linked Almost successfully reassembled!
Reassembling the Tea Ring Done!
tea ring on my finger And here are two turquoise bracelets I managed to whip up for a friend and her daughter.
wire wrapped turquoise bracelets wire wrapped turquoise bracelets WireBlissMei


  1. Just checked out your new orchid blog! Cool. Orchids are so beautiful. Pearl

  2. I love your turquoise bracelet. So simple and elegant. Also the sparkly crystal rings came out so beautiful. I have to check out this tutorial. Thanks.- Dita from


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