Friday, May 01, 2009

You Were Asking...?

wire rounder or bur cupIf you are from Malaysia, you would know that it is very difficult to find some of the essential tools for wire wrappers like us. It can be very very frustrating. And we would think twice, thrice...hmm..many many times before deciding to purchase online from other country. One of these tools is the wire rounder or bur cup. I got mine last month from tooltime. Anyway, no regret and I love it! Only one thing though, it works very well with sterling silver but not stainless steel which is much harder. Guess I still have to use my old file with stainless steel wire. Anyway, people asked me where I got mine. Unfortunately, tooltime didn't have this in stock anymore. I did a search at etsy and found two shops that has it. They are Nightstar and Romazone. Romazone only ships to Canada and US. Jenny Pong purchased hers from Singapore - Beads.etc. Looks cheaper but not sure about the shipping rate. Another seller who carries it is Szarka - Magpie Gemstones, I love her gemstones and only discovered that she has it after I purchased mine :) - Opps! she didn't have it anymore! But you can always email her. She is very friendly. So there you have it. Have a wonderful hols and weekend! WireBlissMei


  1. I just went through your blog, looking at your wonderful wire work. Amazing is all i have to say!
    I just started with wire jewelry myself. trying to do simple stuff. Hoping to be as good as you some day!

  2. I'm truly agreed with you for the first paragraph. But soon it will become a past history...

  3. I love my wire rounder too! Works well with copper and brass wires... I use this to make my earwires... I have not use it on stainless steel wires thou.. =P Email the Seller from Bead.etc and asked for registered airmail (this is cheaper than the courier service on their site). =)

  4. Thanks so much Mei! Yes, I agree totally - it's been really frustrating trying to get some of the stuff I need to do things. I really need to get one of these burr cups; they work better with some wires than others. I need to figure out where to get brass wire too. Sigh.


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