Sunday, June 07, 2009

Before Wire Jewelry.....

These were the projects I was doing before I got myself hooked with wire wrapped jewelry more than 3 years ago. These pillow case is an unfinished project. "Rediscovered" yesterday when I was clearing (more spring cleaning!) a wooden drawer to make way for my wire and beads :D. Pillow case and embroidery.....hmmm! maybe I should do something about this. What a waste. Pillow case and embroidery workAll the embroidery and needle point work....just beautiful. embroidery and needle point work embroidery and needle point workThis is another project with plastic straws. It was a very popular craft project in Kuching many many years back. Even FIL also joined in the fun. We have more in the downstairs glass drawer. Don't look too closely as you will notice the dust collected over the years. This one goes into the dustbin! sunflowers project with plastic strawsAnother plastic straws project.....pretty! pretty! roses. roses project with plastic straws close up of a rose project with plastic strawsWireBlissMei


  1. the pillow is amazing, Mei! :o) You just have to finish it soon :o)))
    I know the bullions stitch and I love it, but what's this navy blue flowers' stitch? Looks like knots, dots?

  2. Can't remember that now but will let you know when I remember :)

  3. The pillow is must finish it!!!

    I also think the flowers are lovely...what a talented artist you are!



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