Saturday, July 11, 2009

If you could ask.....

quite evening at the beach surrounded by coconut trees....what is it about me or my blog that you would like to know or ask? Are there moments while you are here, you wonder what kind of a person is behind this blog? ;) I do when I visit yours and other blogs but sometimes I don't dare to ask as I am a bit shy ...hehe. So if you read this post today, ask me anything about me, my hobby, my blog, my life, etc. etc. and I shall try to answer them to the best I could ;). Have a wonderful weekend all! I am off for lunch then my tools and wires :) looking out from the plane window - sunset cloudsWireBlissMei


  1. Hey Mei:)
    I think this is such a clever post and I can't wait to ask you some questions! I think maybe I'll make a trend of it and ask the same question on my blog. I too, am shy like you and don't readily ask questions of people even though I find them so very intriguing.
    I'm going to start with one question --

    What brought you to working with wire and gems? (what was your creative path)?

  2. Yes Shay! Write that post. Who knows it will be a trend.
    Answer to your question: I got into wire jewelry by accident while surfing for sewing projects online. Yeah..sewing!
    The moment I saw the first piece of wire jewelry online (can't remember which though), I was hooked. What came to my mind at that time was "I can make this!". Right after that start searching for wire jewelry instead, purchased my pliers, wires, gemstones, etc. The rest are history.
    My creative path - I guess it is my impulse to create. The urge to create and make something is always there - itchy hands! When you have this impulse, you will always look for ideas to create.


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