Sunday, July 19, 2009

A trip to Borneo Highland

We decided to take the boys and the grandma for an outing up country this morning. A short trip to a place we used to spend many weekends before they came along - Borneo Highland and all the streams found within the upper catchment of Sarawak River basin. A place where we can still find crystal clear streams and rivers. william, henry and grandma on the suspended bridgeFirst stop at Kpg. Semadang, about an hour drive and the suspension bridge over Sarawak River. Its about 15m above the river. Water level can rise up to the bridge during rainy season (landas). By then, the whole village would be flooded. Happened few years back. Sg. SemadangThis picture (above) was taken from the suspension bridge. The water was crystal clear and shallow - about knee depth. When we arrived about mid-morning, there were villagers bathing and washing in the river. villagers bathing and washing in the riverI really feel like joining them down there. road leading to Sg SemadangOn the way to our picnic spot. william playing with the fishing netThe boys having fun with the net, trying to catch fish. Water was clear but the sun was way way too hot for me even with my wide brim hat. Henry with his big hatwilliam holding a small fish....and here are the fish they caught. Dont' worry, its catch and release. potential river picnic spotOn the way home, we checked out another potential picnic spot. This one is shaded! Next trip! Overall, it was a fun trip with some durians along the way - didn't take any pix of them though! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! WireBlissMei

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  1. What great photos Mei, I love to see the country looks as though you and your family had a wonderful trip!!!


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