Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stringing Projects

Sometimes I wonder why I don't do stringing projects more often. They are much! much! much! easier than wire wrapping. They are much faster to complete. I can complete one necklace under half and hour. On the other hand I need at least 3 to 4 hours to complete one wire wrapped necklace or 1 to 2 hours for a wire wrapped bracelet. Much more hours needed if the wire wrapping is complicated. Stringing project for necklaceBut then I realized stringing is just stringing. All you need are string, clasps, pliers and beads or gemstones. Put them all together and you are done. Of course, a bit more creativity will create one of a kind stringed piece. Wire wrapping on the other hand still requires all the above except the string. But then of course lots of patience and load of imagination and creativity. With wires, I can manipulate them into various designs and shapes which string can't do. You can't make a clasp out of string do you? Or you can? stringed braceletAt the end of the day, completing a wire wrapped piece gives me more satisfaction and sense of accomplishment than completing a stringed piece of jewelry. Hmm.....maybe you don't agree with me. The above necklaces, bracelet and earrings turned out quite well but I am still crazy about wires and wire wrapping jewelry ;D Have a happy wrapping day!


  1. That necklace is gorgeous!! I enjoy both stringing and wire work (plus other techniques). Stringing makes a good change from more elaborate work.

    Interestingly, I sell far more stringed projects than wire work or chain maille possibly because the labor portion keeps costs and therefore prices down. It's harder to introduce a lot of color to say a chain maille project - many buyers (and workshop attendees) are drawn to color.

  2. Actually, you can make a clasp out of string if you use the right kind, like nymo thread or fireline and small seed beads. But, then you're back to it taking more time to make a necklace. To me, plain bead stringing versus wire wrap or beadweaving is the difference between craft and art.

  3. I think your pieces are lovely Mei...

    I think it all comes down to a personal choice, what we feel comfortable/enjoy doing, or have the patience to do. I've done a number of bead weaving pieces,I don't enjoy the tediousness of the work...but I do appreciate the workmanship of those who do it well!!!

    Some may disagree, but...I like to think it is all a form of art...

    I enjoy stringing & simple wire work, but for me my favorite medium is working with sterling & fine silver, making pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc....but like Pearl I find the pieces I string sell the best...I continue to work with silver & wire wrapping though because I enjoy it!


  4. Pearl | I think so to, that stringed jewelry sales compared to wire wrapped pieces. Besides the lower cost, it is also likely that most people do not like to see the wire wrapped loops between beads. A whole length of beads next to each other is more appealing to some :)

  5. Kerri, I stopped by your blog and what beautiful work you do. I don't mind the time at all if I can learn something new :)
    I think I should explore more on making the clasp out of string.

  6. I do agree - in the end it boils down to personal choice Heather. I have friends who'd say Eeek! wires! But no offense there, its just personal preference.


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