Saturday, September 05, 2009

Hot from the Oven - 1st after more than 25 years

My first Hong Kong Cake! Hong Kong Cake Yeah! If I remember correctly, this is my first cake after more than 25 years. My first and last cake was baked when I was a teenager. Failed miserably that I decided not to bake anymore. Never good with baking and cooking anyway or maybe I just don't have much interest until yesterday when I thought why not give it another try with aunt-in-law guidance :) Aunt is very well known with her kueh making and baking skill. It didn't take long to make this cake - less than 2 hours. The cake turned out quite well although it would be better with a smaller pan. All in all, actually my input is only about 20% or less :) but I am still happy nevertheless. More baking for me?.................maybe...:D


  1. Oh! nice Hong Kong cake! Are they all still in Kuching? I love baking! I don't have enough time to bake as much as I'd like, and not enough people to eat my baking. I'm not at good as Monica though... her biscuits and cakes are to die for! :)

  2. :0)...congratulations on a job well done!!!

    I strongly dislike cooking but I used to love to bake...the only problem was I also used to love to eat the baking so I stopped about 20 years I may bake something for a very special occasion but that is rare!!!


  3. Bel| Mabel and Audrey left last weekend so left your mom only.
    Must admit your side of the family are very good with baking and cooking :) Must also learn some of them but can't assure even myself if I will cook or bake them or not...hehe.

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  5. Heather, we are same in terms of cooking with exception I will cook food that I like to eat. Baking....hmmm... I don't foresee a lot of baking for me in the near future.


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