Tuesday, September 08, 2009

More Food and Headache

Potato cakeNo! Food don't give me headache. No wire jewelry last Sunday as it's all about food and lying in bed. Was supposed to enjoy these food but no appetite due to headache. Only tried 2 pieces. What a waste! MIL prepared this "Potato Cake". Actually we don't know what to name it so came up with the simplest and easiest. Supposedly a very very old recipe and you can't find the recipe in any cookbook (confirmed by a recipe book collector....hmmm I wonder). Look at the brass mould used....its antique and very very heavy. Taste? YUMMY....even with headache. This second set of pictures is of homemade KAYA. Heavenly Kaya! One of my favorite. It's our local "jam". Best taken with bread/toast. Main ingredients are coconut milk, sugar and eggs. Easy!..ohhh but not so easy. This homemade Kaya is better than any Kaya in town. One day I hope to be "Kaya" (Rich) making homemade Kaya....LOL Kaya - coconut and egg jam


  1. Hope you headache has gone...you know they are bad when they prevent you from carrying on with your daily life!!!

    Your Potato Cake looks wonderful as does your "Kaya"...


  2. I love kaya!!! I want recipe if you are willing to share! LOLs. I stock up 100 plus to relieve me from headaches but i am not sure if it works for you... =)

  3. Mmmmmm kaya! I do hope your headache went away in good time...it's horrible to keep having to lie down when you want to do other things!

    My grandmother made wonderful kaya. Me, I could barely stir the sugar and eggs after a while!


  4. Mei Mei I suffered from Migraine for many years now, I am lucky cause usually it won't hit me straight away - it develop, and only if I let it develop, I won't have migraine. The cure is - don't go out the hot Sun, and pain killers before too late, drink coffee/ coca cola - basically, sugar.

    Hope that helps!



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